Cabbage - CD
Cabbage - CD

Cabbage - CD

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“Cabbage is full of uplifting, smile-inducing songs that will throw an arm around, slide another drink in front of you and make everything feel OK. With their unusual array of rock, folk and world instruments, Gaelic Storm pounds out infectious melodies and rhythms that pump new life into the traditions of Celtic music. Soaring instrumentals, inspiring lyrics and an energy that can pick you up and shake the bad day out of you. Like being on Jimmy Buffett’s boat or Willie Nelson’s bus, a night in a pub with Gaelic Storm would surely be one hell of a party….Steal this “Cabbage” if you have to.”

Track Listing:

  1. Raised on Black and Tans
  2. Space Race
  3. Cyclone McClusky
  4. Blind Monkey
  5. Green Eyes, Red Hair
  6. Just Ran Out of Whiskey
  7. Jimmy's Bucket
  8. Cecilia
  9. The Buzzards of Bourbon Street
  10. Turn This Ship Around
  11. Rum Runners
  12. Northern Lights
  13. Crazy Eyes McGullicuddy
  14. Chucky Timm